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”We approach our clients and their cases with a desire to provide a highly qualified and engaging service in an unpretentious manner.”


Terms of business – Commercial

Terms of business for:

Adlex Advokater P/S (”Adlex Advokater”)
Købmagergade 60, 3. sal
1150 Copenhagen K

CVR number: 33084099

The terms of business apply to cases that have been initiated by Adlex Law Firm.

1. The Assignment 

1.1 Adlex Law Firm and the client agree on the scope of the case before commencing any legal work.

1.2 Adlex Law Firm is under an obligation to provide the client with qualified legal assistance to be delivered within the agreed time frame and to the agreed scope.

1.3 All tasks are completed in accordance with the rules of the Danish Bar and Law Society, the rules of the Danish Administration of Justice Act and other relevant legislation.

1.4 Adlex Law Firm is subject to the rules of the money laundering act and is therefore required to collect and store identity information on the client. Adlex Law Firm is under an obligation to store this identity information for a minimum of five years after the client relationship has ended.

2. Confidentiality 

2.1 Adlex Law Firm is under an obligation to treat all information received from the client or received regarding the client as confidential. All employees at Adlex Law Firm are subject to a duty of confidentiality.

3. Liability, insurance and limitation of liability

3.1 Adlex Law Firm is liable for the advice delivered to the client in accordance with the general rules of Danish law.

3.2 Adlex Law Firm is not liable for any indirect loss or consequential loss, including trading losses, loss of data, earnings, goodwill, image, etc.

3.3 Adlex Law Firm is not liable for any errors made by subcontractors to whom Adlex Law Firm has assigned parts of the case in agreement with the client.

3.4 Adlex Law Firm holds a liability insurance with the insurance company Tryg, Klausdalsbrovej 601, DK-2750 Ballerup.

3.5 The liability of Adlex Law Firm for any advice provided to the client is limited to DKK 10 million.

3.6 Adlex Law Firm has not subscribed any insurance covering electronical forced entry (e.g. hacking) of our accounts, including client accounts. Hence, any funds placed on the client accounts are not subject to such insurances. Adlex Advokater is not liable for any losses due to electronical forced entry in the client account accounts.

4. Fees, invoicing and client funds

4.1 Adlex Law Firm’s legal fees are based on the time spent taking into account the complexity of the case, liability assumed, the use of specialist skills, the results achieved and the value of the case to the client etc. Furthermore, it should also be taken into account whether the assignment was of an urgent nature and was to be handled outside normal working hours, for instance.

4.2 Costs and expenses related to the case, including charges, travel and accommodation expenses, meals and refreshments, larger copying and delivery charges as well as external transmission costs shall be paid by the client in addition to the fee. Adlex Law Firm is under no obligation to defray any expenses on behalf of the client.

4.3 In connection with the commencement of a case, the client will upon request be informed about the size of the fee where this is possible on the basis of the nature of the case. If the fee cannot be informed, the way the fee is calculated, e.g. hourly rates for time spent, will be informed. Adlex Law Firm will upon request provide an estimate of the expected fee.

4.4 Adlex Law Firm settles its accounts monthly in arrears and at the closing of each case. An agreed deposit shall be paid into Adlex Law Firm’s client account.

4.5. Terms of payment are net cash. Interest on overdue payments shall be calculated in accordance with the provisions of the interest on overdue payments act.

4.6 All client funds entrusted to Adlex Law Firm shall be managed in accordance with the client account provision of the Danish Bar and Law Society (www.advokatsamfundet.dk ) and shall be placed into a client account. Accrued interest is paid to the client in accordance with the client account provision.

4.7 Client funds are covered by the Act on Danish Guarantee on bank deposits etc, with a guaranteed amount of up to EUR 100,000, unless such client funds pursuant to said act or law is subject to different treatment.

5. Filing

All case materials will be stored in the archives for three years from the closing of the case, after which the case materials will be cancelled.

6. Governing law and venue

6.1 Adlex Law Firm’s advice and these business terms are governed by Danish law. Any disputes shall be settled by the City Court of Copenhagen.

6.2 Adlex Law Firm is subject to the code of conduct of the Danish Bar and Law Society, and any complaints shall be lodged with the Society (www.advokatsamfundet.dk ).

6.3 Client information requirements under clause 3.3 of the Code of Conduct appear from Adlex Law Firm’s website here


About Adlex Advokater

Our core competence is to provide value adding and qualified advice to our client. We cover a wide area of legal specialties and make sure that there is a link between our services and our fee.
Adlex Advokater P/S was incorporated in 2010 by attorney at law Steen Thomsen and Simon Falbe Hansen. Today the firm consists of 5 attorneys and is organised as a limited partnership.
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Adlex Advokater Partnerselskab Købmagergade 60, 3. sal
1150 Copenhagen K
CVR nr. 33084099
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